DYMusic - Rillion Reeds, Wisemann Horns - Monroe MI

1132 S. Telegraph Rd.
Monroe, MI 48161


DYMusic - Rillion Reeds, Wisemann Horns - Monroe MI

Wisemann brand band instruments represent the best in quality and design. Working directly with the manufacturers we maintain a high standard of production incorporating the most modern manufacturing process to produce the finest instruments available today. Look through our catalog and get the feel for quality.

Rillion Reeds are the finest reeds available to the professional musician today! Using only the best quality reed cane, Rillion Reeds are far superior to other lesser brands. State of the art machines and seasoned technicians produce the longest lasting reeds with excellent response. Order yours online today and start experiencing what others have known for a long time, Rillion reeds rock! Go to www.rillion.com to order your reeds. ...
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